what to expect

If you are new to therapy or simply like to know what to expect with a new therapist, here is some information that might be helpful.

Prior to the first session

You will be asked to complete intake paperwork through an online client portal. This will include

the first few sessions

Open Lines Counseling beverages

Come in, settle into the waiting area, and help yourself to a coffee, tea, or cold drink.

In the first session, there are a few items of business to address (e.g., reviewing practice policies and information found in the intake paperwork you completed on your own, getting a scan of your insurance card if you will be using insurance). Then the bulk of the first session is focused on beginning to explore what brought you in for therapy. Subsequent sessions will expand on that goal.

Open Lines Counseling beverage

the process

Change and growth require willingness to observe and reflect on your experience both in sessions and between them. It requires active participation. You can expect to see .

Change also takes time and patience. Some people see a dramatic lift is mood and symptoms quickly; for others it is a longer process.

Not every therapist is a good fit for every client. This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the therapist or the client.