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Everyone does better with more support. Open Lines Counseling provides traditional in-person psychotherapy sessions for adults, supplemented with additional technology-assisted services to enhance your treatment experience.


in-person OFFICE sessions

Traditional psychotherapy is the foundation of treatment to build a trusting and warm relationship. In-person sessions are conducted face to face in a comfy office. 

video sessions

Sometimes getting to a physical office space is cumbersome and time-consuming. Open Lines Counseling offers the flexibility to conduct sessions over HIPAA-compliant video format. Only available in Maryland currently.

Walk and talk therapY Sessions

Incorporating the outdoors, these sessions allow clients to connect with nature, get some gentle exercise (both proven anxiety reducers), and to loosen up their thought process through movement.


Live messaging*

A unique offering to established clients. Offered at specific times throughout the week, these virtual clinic hours allow clients to message in real time to:

  • Check in between sessions
  • Work through a tough moment as it’s happening
  • Take advantage of accountability
  • Process thoughts and feelings in writing (not everyone is a verbal processor)
  • Follow up on goals
  • Clarify concepts discussed in sessions
  • Share information that is more challenging to discuss in person  

Goal Tracking and homework accountability*

Through the use of an app, you can be sent scheduled assignments relevant to your specific therapy goals. Following through on goals set in sessions helps improve therapy outcomes. This technology can assist you and provide your therapist with valuable information.  

*Currently, live messaging and app-supported homework reminders are included in session fees. 

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