Depression and Anxiety During Pregnancy or Postpartum

This isn't what you expected. You're not feeling how you thought you would when you imagined being pregnant or having a baby. 

You're feeling deep sadness and apathy most of the time, doubtful of your ability to mother, disappointed in the reality of your days, and disconnected from your baby. Or maybe you're filled with unshakeable worry or struggling with disturbing intrusive thoughts about your baby, finding yourself doing extreme and unusual things to protect the baby. Not to mention, you're completely exhausted.

Prenatal and postpartum depression and anxiety affect around 15-20% of new mothers. That's staggering. And not enough people are talking about it. If you're reading this, you've probably already mustered a great deal of effort and courage to do some research to get help. Take the final step.

Let me help you navigate this incredibly beautiful, yet challenging period of life.