Overwhelmed and ambitious

Overwhelmed stressed exhausted

If you found yourself on this page, you might fall into one of two general categories:

  1. Your to-do list is never-ending. You are high achieving and pride yourself on what you can accomplish, even in the face of barriers. But maybe you’ve had a shift in life circumstances or you’re simply feeling burned out. You’ve reached a point where pure anxiety and drive aren’t cutting it for you anymore (or perhaps they never have). You’re tired and not able to focus on what’s really important to you. Or maybe you’re not even sure what’s most important to you.

  2. You’re smart as hell, but you’re stuck. You’re waiting for things to feel just right, to feel ready. You know you have so much potential that you are not living up to. You’re often plagued by indecision and awash in self-doubt. You want to be able to act with conviction.

You hold yourself to extremely high standards because you know you’re capable of so much, but it’s not working for you.

Learn how to slow down, listen to your authentic voice, and get more out of life while still working towards your goals. Learn to get out of your own way.